Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Good day honorable People,

It's part of the regulations of this Union, that there shall be an independent five(5) member Electoral Commission, which shall stand dissolved at the end of congress.

Owing to that, the Central Committee unveils the following faces as members of the Electoral Commission from this minute till the next Congress;

1. Kwame Ahin (Certified Plack Banther) - Chairman 2. Joseph Harold Cobbinah (Joseph Harold Cobbinah) - Deputy Chairman 3. Dougoli Vincent (Vincent Dougoli) - Secretary 4. Bill Clinton Agyemang Fosu (Chäirman Billups) - Member 5. Festus Kaasung Kunde (Festus Kunde Kaasung) - Member

We trust, that the officers shall hold the union in a higher esteem, and work in holistic serenity for the betterment of our dear Union.

Thank You.

Signed: A.A. Bless Ronald Organizing Secretary, NUGS Russia

Approved: Central Committee

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