COC elects Moscow as host of Congress 2019

The members of the Central Organizing Committee of NUGS-Russia in consultation with CC and NEC have selected Moscow as the host for Congress 2019. This selection wasn’t an easy one as we had bids from 2 states; Tyumen and Moscow. We had to be very careful in the selection of the state to host Congress this year and we must state that distance/proximity of the host state to other states wasn’t part of the criteria for selection.

Selection was strictly based on the provisions of Article 15 clause 4 of the NUGS-Russia constitution which states that:

All other cities can put in a bid to host Congress and the COC shall choose the hosting city based advisedly on; a. The desire to rotate hosting of congress to all other cities b. Ability to provide lodging resources c. Quality and attractiveness of their proposed programs for the congress d. Extent of participation in previous Congresses e. Percentage payment of dues of constituting members

In as much as the constitution promotes the idea of rotating the host city to have all cities in Russia having a feel of Congress, we the members of COC will like to make it clear that the state of Tyumen from the constitution qualifies on all the points except for the 4th point which I believe should be a very strong point when choosing the city to host Congress. We can’t just rotate the hosting cities to cities who haven’t been active in other Congresses. We need to get the line straight and let other cities realize that NUGS-Russia needs everyone on board and we need them all to help out and this help also comes in the form of attendance. If the argument is going to be about distance/proximity of Tyumen to host cities then we should be aware that guys will have to sacrifice to come to Tyumen too. Sacrificing for the Union is very paramount in moving our union forward.

We the members of COC would like to advise all who are part of NUGS-Russia to make it a point to be present during Congress as “union-changing” decisions are taken during this period.

We would like to congratulate Moscow on their selection and encourage members of NUGS-Tyumen and other local unions to fully support and be present in their numbers to make Congress 2019 a success.

Long live NUGS-Russia. Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta.

Chairman, COC-Congress 2019 Nana Ansah Asare-Akoto.

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