As per constitution, there shall be an Annual Congress in May with all affiliated branches in attendance and during which the swearing in of newly elected National Executive Officers shall take place.

As required by the edict, The National Executive Council officially declares Congress 2019 tenable. Inherently the quorum of congress shall duly constitute not less than two-thirds of accredited member branches thus to promulgate the success of this year’s symposium, NEC requires all National Executives, all Local Executives, Participants of the various events organized by the union and at least 5 members of each local state to attend congress. The Incumbent Presidents are to act as advocates of this year’s convocation and are to ensure the respective persons are in attendance.

This year’s edition comes off on the 1st of May through to the 5th of May, 2019 in Moscow and will include events inter alia AN ALTRUISTIC JAUNT (VISIT TO SOCIAL CENTERS), AFRICAN CUP OF NATIONS-RUSSIA (AFCON-RUSSIA),MISS GHANA RUSSIA 2019 & AWARDS NIGHT, PAN AFRICAN-SUMMIT and a GOSPEL ROCK SHOW. Substantially, gracing this August meeting is a posse of dignitaries and to ensure it’s success, The National Executive Council entreats all and sundry not to aid and abet acts that will imperil its smooth organization but instead succour its success.

On this note, NEC requires the populace to ratify the organization of the 2019 edition of Congress by disseminating this information and circulating this flyer across all social media platforms.

This also remains a final imperative call to all National and Local Executives not to shirk responsibilities.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Signed: Caroline Bonya General Secretary NUGS-Russia

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