Greetings revered members,

The National Executive Council deems such juncture suitable to presents this update, as the coda of our trip to Ghana in relation to the quest of providing solutions to major student issues.


The issue of private students finding difficulties with tuition fees and funds for personal upkeeps due to demise of guardians or general deficiency in financial strength, which usually leads to depreciation in academic performances and possible deportations, has been an important concern on our table.

We, for that reason tried out our ways of securing an opportunity for distance application for scholarships.

Upon deliberations with the Registrar of the Scholarship Secretariat, no fix quota could be given due the fear of generalizing the offer when requested by other institutions in the diaspora, but we rather came to a consensus of sending applications for members of good standing according to the standards of our union (full payment of dues and union defined levies) and that of the scholarships secretariat (proof of academic excellence, proof of financial constraints and proof of nationality), among which the secretariat will make choices according to their budget.

We urge all who qualify per the description and are interested in applying to send details of their academic records, proof of financial constraints, copies of passport and birth certificate and a cogent application letter in one labeled file to or to +79654598224 from now till the 25th of January, 2020.

Kindly contact us through the mediums provided above for further clarifications if any.


Our tenure has so far seen a fair consistency in stipend release.

We have been working right after the disbursement of fourth quarter stipends to get the first quarter released prior to the new year.

On Saturday, 28th December 2019, we received an awaited call from the account office of the Scholarship Secretariat as a closing or an end of year response to our deliberations supra.

It detailed, that funds have been made available by Government the day before, and the Scholarship Secretariat is set to start all necessary clearances upon resumption of office on the 6th of January 2020.

With all pros and cons factored in, we are sure about the release of funds from Ghana before the end of January 2020, and as such expect disbursement into individual accounts around the ending days of February, while we work hand in hand with the Embassy in making the necessary arrangements.

We entreat all it may concern to pay careful attention to the proceedings as we surge on.


In our earlier updates we indicated, that majority has received the due stipends and shipping allowances as agreed on by the Scholarship Secretariat and the National Executive Council.

We also made it clear, that payments for those who reported later together with those who returned in December were being worked on.

As stated that funds have been made available, disbursement to that effect is duly underway. The NEC will keep you posted on your WhatsApp platform until everyone receives what is due them.


Having encountered the Scholarship Secretariat and considering the privileges given to us including consideration of our views and debates in making critical changes to the advantage of the students, and the general cordiality between the parties in this case, we consider it prudent enough to honor the secretariat in the little way we could to serve as a mark of recognition of their works and as well as reaffirm our cordiality now and for posterity.

We presented well defined citations to the Registrar (received by his secretary), the Deputy Registrar and the Chief Accountant of the secretariat.

We pray future leaders of this union to continue in this legacy as much as their era can tolerate to ensure the safety of students under the care of the office aforementioned.

Many thanks.

Bless Ronald Abiti Addo,

President - NUGS Russia.


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