Greetings Cherished Members, This administration has witnessed an extraordinary bond between the student leadership and embassy at different levels through the cordial engagements of the Education Attache, candidness of Her Excellency the Ambassador and Embassy Staff, and the alacritous responsiveness of our redoubtable Central Committee. On Friday the 24th of April 2020, the National Executive Council for the very first time hosted the ambassador, Her Excellency Dr. Leslie Opokuware and all embassy officials together with the Central Committee on a Zoom video platform to mainly discuss issues concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and mutual assistance between all parties towards ensuring the general welfare of our members. The house received kind words and initial encouragements from Her Excellency the Ambassador, after which detailed verbal updates were coordinated by the President, Bless Ronald Abiti Addo, from representatives of Twenty (20) Member States and Two (2) other States yet to be officially introduced. Our ongoing membership registration for a Union and Embassy database as well as generation of Identification Cards has been a key factor in the discussion. Embassy has been well updated on the motives and stages the administration has gotten to with the database and ID card generation at this juncture. Her Excellency the Ambassador and her outstanding team applauded the structures and inputs towards making lives better for all and sundry and strongly urged every member to turn a cooperative side towards the union for ease in fulfillments of our initiatives while the embassy does its best to aid. We are very much aware, that home is not same for all especially in this abnormal times, and that has not been an exception of our deliberations. Not to mount unnecessary pressure on the union and the embassy, members who are in extreme situations of helplessness should kindly get in touch with the National Executive Council for deliberations and subsequent actions where applicable. Any other information emanating from the said sitting will duly be relayed to you. Many thanks to Her Excellency the Ambassador, our own Education Attache and all Embassy Officials, the able Vice President and various Secretaries of this Union, the entire zealous Central Committee for the unflagging commitments, and to all cherished members for your support thus far. NB: Those who have not registered yet on the platform should kindly follow the link below to do so quickly! Stay Home and Stay Safe! Bless Ronald Abiti Addo, President - NUGS Russia.


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