Greetings Everyone,

Earlier upon our arrival in Ghana last summer, we made followups on GET Fund annual allowances and related issues, third quarter stipends alongside other outstanding debts for the bilateral scholarship students.

Seizing that “followup regime” to simultaneously establish closer ties with the secretariat, they processed the third quarter as they were supposed to do while GET Fund promised at the time to deliver in due time.

A month to NEC’s return from Ghana, we were glad to peruse the master list for fourth quarter and allowances at the Scholarship Secretariat to assist make the necessary corrections towards the release of funds, with some affected beneficiaries being called upon by the secretariat alongside the President of the Union for verifications and rectifications.

We were as well given the good news at the time from GET Fund, that transactions for annual allowances were made to the mission and disbursement should be anticipated.

As at this moment, all GET Fund beneficiaries have been sent their full annual allowances.

Fourth quarter stipends and allowances as well have reached the Mission for students under the Ghana-Russia bilateral scholarship.

Disbursements of the aforementioned fund HAS STARTED ALREADY from yesterday, 13.11.2019.


The National Executive Council for 2019/20 NUGS year apart from NUGS Radio activation and preparation of citations for the Scholarship Secretariat has not used union funds for any other thing, but has rather been dependent so far on pocket monies of National Executives to run the union to the benefit of all and sundry.

This is to address the assumption by many, that the union has money which is been misused.


With the new arrangements of the Mission and inability of some students to sign in time for deduction of dues from source, those who will receive their allowances without the deduction should do well to contribute their quota of Twenty U.S. Dollars, from which a sum of Ten U.S. Dollars ($10) or 650 rubles through their Regional Presidents and Financial Secretaries will be received as national dues for the development of the Union.

Also, it’s advisable to contribute five (5$) USD for the rejuvenation of NUGS Fund, where in difficult times you stand the chance to receive financial support up to Three Hundred Dollars ($300) from the union.

Without funds, the union does not exist. And it will be a deliberate heartless act to withhold our smallest quota, which’s relevance would be known only when all go sour.


We thank everyone who has been in support in kind and words to see to the success of all we do.

We also encourage that we unitedly play the simple roles we are supposed to play as members and leaders to the fullest capacity towards the realization of a more firm and powerful Union.

Many thanks.

National Executive Council

NUGS Russia 2019/20.

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