Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Good evening fellow students, the National Executive Council would like to inform you all about our new project dubbed “NUGS MARKET”.

This initiative has been created to aid all and sundry, inclusive of the good people of this union who are

- [ ] Business minded

- [ ] Have a running business

- [ ] And finally,Interested in making more sales.

We are providing this service via our Instagram social media handle at @nugsmarket. (https://www.instagram.com/p/B67kWS4oIwW/?igshid=1x9ko7mzqwmnh)

The vision is to develop a social market into a productive website and hopefully into a well built mobile App later in the nearest future, which will be accessible and usable by all with ease, therefore generating funds for all parties according to the feasible strategies that will be put in place.

This initiative promises to provide a boom for all businesses in Russia, providing good profit for all entrepreneurs in this great union and beyond.

We therefore urge all union members to partake in this new and exciting initiative , making the best out of them to ensure that , their businesses grow to the next level.

Members may get in touch with the National Organizer via +7 905 879-49-39 for enquiries ,advertisements as well as mentoring regarding business development in Russia .

We are more than willing and available to be of great help to you all.

Thanks for your usual cooperation.

Gyedu Oscaria Ama

General Secretary

NUGS-Russia 2019/20

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