As part of my campaign promises on Education Prioritization in NUGS Russia ,I stated that ,the main goal for our coming to Russia is to study .It is and has always been my vision and goal to ensure that , this becomes the primary aim of our stay here in Russia.Upon assumption of office,myself and executives have had various levels of communication as well as consultations on how this can be achieved.

We have had an wholesome census on virtually all fields being studied in Russia and a general observation and conclusion was gotten that medical students happen to be the majority in Russia.

Thankfully ,with the support of my Exectives,CC and the Academic Committee of the Royal Senate.We wish to present to you all NUGS-MED RUSSIA ..

This is an initiative created to see how best medical students in Russia can make adequate preparations towards the license exams in Ghana. This has also been triggered by my visit to the Medical and Dental council in summer this year in Ghana.

The goal of this initiative will be to increase the pass rate of Graduates from Russia who would be taking the medical license exams as well as getting them equipped with the medical terrain in Ghana before completing studies in Russia .

In the upcoming days ,we would start with a trial version or a mock show of live seminars to aid in feasible studies geared towards making this a permanent initiative of NUGS Russia .

Study materials and plan of the entire initiative would be relayed to the union as well.

Fortunately we have had old students currently working as medical officers in Ghana ready to support us in these live seminars a special mention goes to Dr.Prince T Ankrah who has been supportive from scratch and a host of others who are willing to support this initiative.

As we have started with medical students we would still be working on ways and means to ensure that the other fields , Engineering ,Social Sciences etc are not left out .

In the upcoming days , the media committee led by Mr.Cletus would update the website’s library with adequate study materials for all other fields .

We would entreat all to regularly visit the website and Register over there to access all these wonderful initiatives being prepared.

As the slogan of this union states, Education is a right and not a privilege , as leaders we’d ensure that this RIGHT of ours is conveyed and achieved in high esteem.

Let’s all come out in numbers to support this initiative






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