Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Ten participants compete in the 2019 KNIDC edition...

Meet the participants:

Participant № 1

Name - Carol Ascentia Thabethe

Country - South Africa

State - Saratov

School - Saratov State Agrarian University

Age - 20 years old.

“I believe Africa needs change and it begins with an intellectual conversation between young people.”

Participant № 2

Name - Simon Tshepang Makhetha

Country of origin - South Africa

State - Saratov

School - Saratov State Agrarian University

Age - 20 years old.

“I'm honoured to be part of this reviving key to unlocking the potentials of Africa with true liberation,deep pan africanism and economic emancipation in our life time.Azania!”

Participant № 3

Name - Appiah Casley Hayford

Country of origin - Ghana

State - Tyumen

School - Tyumen Industrial University

Age - 20 years old.

”As a youth of our generation and an African, it is my dream and duty that, the balls and chains of the continent, Africa must come to a head. With that, I see this platform as not just a debate, but to help me acquire the knowledge needed to identifying the problems with genuine solutions, for a positive impact on the lives of the generations to come”

Participant № 4

Name - Agbotui Bright

Country of origin - Ghana

State - Crimea

School - Crimea State Medical University

Age - 20 years old

“We all have to give back to home, and this is an opportunity to learn insights and state my perspective”

Participant № 5

Name - Ma-azu Fahad

Country of origin - Ghana

State - Saint Petersburg

School - Saint Petersburg Mining University

Age - 23 years old

“As a patriotic and loyal citizen of Ghana and a young pan Africanist, I think that it will be difficult to imagine life now without Africa which has every earth valuable and precious resources that the world needs and yet still this continent dwells the most poorest people in the world,it’s unfair how African nations have suffered these economic cancer in the hands of the world’s great nations, and its in the light of this that I deem it necessary to owe Africa a great contribution that will propel the current and future leaders to make Africa a better place to be even. The 44th President of the United States 🇺🇸 Barack Obama once said and I quote” we are the once that we have been waiting for and there’s no future anywhere, the future is now and it starts today and we have to wake up and do something for what we have been thinking and dreaming about to come to pass. So, if I want Africa to be a great place then I ought to start doing something and that thing is what I am doing now. Thank you all. May God bless Africa and it’s people”

Participant № 6

Name - Stephen Abolga

Country of origin - Ghana

State - Kuban

School - Kuban state Agrarian University

Age - 24 years old

“African is my DNA", I love this Continent. Together we can find lasting solutions to the problems we are facing”

Participant № 7

Name - Georgina Adayi

Country of origin - Ghana

State - Arkhangelsk

School - Northern Arctic Federal University

“I want to add my voice and opinions to the change our world, continent and country would undergo”

Participant № 8

Name - Maama Salia

Country of origin - Ghana

State - Izhevsk

School - Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University

“ I've always been passionate about constructive arguments. As a contemporary Panafrican, I hope this debate will further endear our hearts to African issues and give us a better appreciation of African issues. Bless”

Participant № 9

Name - Amo Patmos Darfour

Country of origin - Ghana

State - Tymen

School - Tyumen state university

“ African youth in recent times are availing themselves to be change agents and I believe it will be an honour to help rewrite the history of Africa”

Participant № 10

Name - Ajayi Omotayo Tolulope

Country of origin - Nigeria

State - Tymen

School - Tyumen state medical university

“ As a youth, I should know the challenges and problems our continent is really facing and we should find a lasting solution to the problems”

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