Greetings Everyone,

Over the summer holidays, representatives of the National Executive Council including the President visited Ghana in view of working on some student issues as much as time could permit.

In Ghana we met with the heads of all health student associations nationwide at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra where we discussed issues including the revised policies of the Ghana Medical and Dental Council for foreign trained doctors.

The post-meeting individual discussions indicated, that some health students in Ghana are actually in support of the new arrangements of the MDC for obvious reasons, making it quite not smooth getting the support of colleague students back in Ghana.

Letters have been winged to the Medical and Dental Council with followups in soliciting some time to relay our grievances, but it was explicit that they are already informed about our complains and were barely willing to attend to us.

We met with the Parliamentary Select Committee on health which is a higher entity, represented by its Deputy Chairperson, Dr. Ayew Afriye who gave us audience and engaged us in a dialogue throughout the time we shared. He promised to assist restructure the policies of the MDC, at least so that it does not affect those who are already in the system before the amendments were made.

In Sochi, upon arrival in Russia, we met with the Minister of Education mainly concerning the MDC policies so as to intensify our course.

Unfortunately, the topics raised were literally debated and redirected to the MDC as an independent institution.

In the nutshell, almost all stakeholders and government officials we engaged both officially and unofficially were not ready to assist.

With advices, our resort now whiles we hope for any possible changes later is to put in our best as students in preparing for the exams, and as student leaders in pressing for changes in favor of our students as far as the policies are concerned.

In light of the said, NUGS Russia has taken the lead engaging NUGS Ukraine, NUGS China and NUGS Algeria so far to form a formidable front, where all medical students in the diaspora will be represented.

This is to enhance a unified voice from the medical students in the diaspora, add value to our petitions and as well increase the chances of getting audience in any case hereby increasing our chances of effecting changes.

The initiative is also intended to promote the cordiality between all medical students in the diaspora and as well give everyone equal platforms for preparation towards the licensure exams.

We urge all it may concern most to take part in all our initiatives and endeavor to exploit all structures put in place towards their success in the licensure exams.

Many thanks.

National Executive Council,

NUGS Russia 2019/20.