Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Greetings Honorable members,

On the 19th December, 2019 the National Executive Council met with the Ambassador and her council. The meeting with the ambassador was one to build solidarity and address the problems students associated with the Union face both here in Russia and back home in Ghana

Concerns were raised concerning the alarming rate of rejection of students who apply for visa to study in the federation. In view of the response given, we will want all to know that when a relative is applying to study in the federation from Ghana they must make sure all documents are authentic, translated, and they follow due process to be selected by the school. Those who have friends trying to pass them through the back door by getting admission as a result of favor from a school official. All these are noticed at the embassy of Russia in Ghana and accounts for some of the rejections.

We do not claim that doing these guarantees a visa, but it increase your chance. Follow due process and most importantly submit all documents that is requested for.

IMMIGRATION ISSUES. Some students have been deported as a result of indulgence in religious activities and others heavily fined for working without permit.

All are advised to live within the laws of the country we have found ourselves studying. The embassy is working on getting the Union a translated copy of the laws which directly affect our stay here. Till that document is made available all are advised to seek clarification from the department in charge of foreign students in their respective schools.

PASSPORT RENEWAL. Our tireless effort in requesting for a biometric machine for printing passport here in the federation has proven successful. Hopefully next year the biometric machine will be brought.In the meantime all who live outside Moscow are advised to start renewal processes through the NUGS Courier Service to ensure timely receipt of new passports. In cases of passport expiry where there’s the need for a new visa but passport is not ready, a document from the embassy will be given to the student whose passport is expired until the new one is ready.


As stated on the first page of every passport of the Republic of Ghana.


Ghanaian who are resident abroad should at the earliest opportunity register their names and addresses at the nearest Diplomatic Mission or Consulate of Ghana. Failure to do so may in a period of emergency result in difficulty or delay in according them the assistant and protection of which they are entitled.”

The embassy advices all students who are yet to register with NUGS Russia to do so as those details will be useful in times of emergencies to contact and give you the help which you have the right to.

SCHOLARSHIPS FOR PRIVATE STUDENTS. It’s has been the aim of this administration to get private students who face difficulty in taking care of their schooling expenses as a result of loss of a family member or other unexpected tragedy befalling them. The idea was discussed with the ambassador and we were advised and directed on a better approach to it.

Details on how to apply and documents needed will further be communicated to the public in the near future.

DUES. With the issue of dues not deducted from source it was resolved with Mr Anani (Minister Consular). He explained why things went this way and told us the measures they’re putting in place to assist us in getting dues from source without causing any problems to the embassy.He assured us of a fix response and action early this year.

On this note we will like to thank the President and executives of Nugs Moscow for the welcoming spirit with which they met us at the embassy. To all the students who shared with us their views and reaffirmed their support for the union we are grateful.

The National Executive Council will also like to use this opportunity to appreciate the effort of all Presidents, Chairpersons and members of the various committees and the entire student body for their keen interest and dedication to issues of the Union.

Together as a Union we shall overcome every hurdle and stand tall as one.

Thank you.

The National Executive Council.

NUGS Russia 2019/20

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