Updated: Oct 1, 2018

The National Executives on Friday had a meeting with the new ambassador Her Excellency Oheneba Dr Akyaa Opoku-Ware.

The National Executives on Friday had a meeting with the new ambassador Her Excellency Oheneba Dr Akyaa Opoku-Ware.

We introduced ourselves to her and on behalf of the union welcomed her to the Russian Federation.We then went on further to discuss the main issues


She acknowledged how serious the whole issue was.She informed us that before leaving the country,things were not made clear to her to an extent

. She was made to also understand that the money has been cleared by the chief of staff , by the finance ministry and it’s now left for the secretariat to over see its dispersion.As of now, the reason for the delay is unknown and efforts to reach the secretariat has not been smooth . The embassy is therefore devising another strategy which will ensure that the secretariat comes up to task with their required duties. Having been new at her post she is still learning more according to her and would do all it takes for the monies to be released to us as soon as possible.

Agencies and Personnel who dupe people in Ghana before getting to Russia.

We made a complaint regarding that, a lot of students here find themselves having been duped by agencies and largely by individuals who bring them to Russia . Agencies like Racus are highly known for that and as such the embassy has taken it up and has decided to get to the root of this matter and all culprits with time would be brought to book

Visiting Different States

As part of her acclimatization tour in the Russian federation,she alongside embassy officials and us will be visiting respective states to see to do living conditions facing Ghanaians over there. Hence be of great expectations soon

Lack of Practicals for engineering students

We had complains from petroleum engineering students in Tyumen concerning they, not getting practicals.The embassy stated that they have informed the secretariat about this issue and as such advice that students are not sent to Tyumen anymore, aside that they are going file a motion to the education ministry to see to it that Students in the engineering field are given enough practical exposure.She indicated that a new deal signed by both countries would ensure that priority is been given to Ghanaian students in such fields with high demand for practical work

Work for students The Russian federal law on the legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian federation dated 25.07.2002 Under the article 13 of the Russian constitution enforced from 31st July 2016, permits students to work full time in Russia,so foreign students can easily earn their living expenses in Russia..

However many have the assertion that getting a job in Russia is illegal for a student .. this issue was raised and as such the embassy along side NUGS Russia intends investigating into this law to allow students struggling financially to get something doing especially with the issue of delay of stipends creating lots of financial constraints .

We ended on a good note and as such NEC will meet and deliberate on the next plan of action regarding all these prepositions


Patrick J.A Puplampu-Dove Vice President

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