Our democracy and jurisprudential strength has been tested seeing the official Facebook platform of the Union for the past few days being filled with many expressions of sentiments mainly concerning election proceedings in general, but unfortunately giving rise to a spree of negative character descriptions and misnomer of Crucial Committees and Officers, which many will describe as uncalled for. The National Executive Council took vigorous interest in getting to the roots of the numerous assertions openly made, relate them to the legalities and realities on the ground, as well as figure out a humanly feasible means of fostering tranquil within its powers while holding our Noble Union paramount to all individual interests and aspirations. Reaching out officially to the necessary aspirants and some members who registered their sentiments earlier turned out to indicate, that there has been disparate representation of candidates’ interests on the Union’s Facebook platform and gross misinformation of the populace by some members to bring to disrepute desired names for no clear interest. We request based on Article 52 (all students shall accord the Judicial committee such assistance as it may reasonably require protecting its independence, dignity and effectiveness) that everyone should desist from acts which may in a way or the other disregard the Article supra, while we employ the necessary measures to enhance tranquility and transparency. The Executive Council commends all committees and commissions engaged in any aspect of electoral and congress proceedings for their calm commitments and professionalism so far and also urge all to keep the Union supreme in all dealings. To all Aspirants and Exponents reached out to: the National Executive Council respects you much to solemnly reach out to you all these days to fathom your motives, sources and positions on all matters so as to factor them into our actions regardless of your prior gestures. It is requested that you courteously reciprocate and instill in your colleagues and supporters that same manner in all your dealings, knowing that the Union is paramount to all individual aspirations and wills at all times. To all members: the Central Committee in its entirety is focused on delivering administrative policies in ensuring the wellbeing of all members in these times. Ergo, you should adequately cooperate alongside taking interest in any other matters per desire. Well wishes to all and sundry! Stay home and stay safe! Many thanks. Bless Ronald Abiti Addo President - NUGS Russia


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