Updated: Oct 1, 2018

With the door closing on the KNIDC debate, a new door opens in the form of the NUGS Interstate Quiz. It certainly comes our way this Saturday the 17th of March with much more thrills. We have wonderful contestants representing the following states;

1. Kazan- Keren Safo Sarpong, Williams Adjei Antwi-Boasiako, Kathryn Okine 2. Saratov- Emmanuel Nti, Selina Brown 3. Krasnodar- Emmanuel Kornutsey,Kumi Gideon, Ameklodzi Francisca 4. Volgograd- Joseph Boamah, Anthony Konadu Yeboah, Peter Lamptey 5. Belgorod- Mohammed Mubarak Molla, Kwame Obeng Baah.

I do wish to add that we are honoured to have Abdul-Kadir Ameyaw Chancellor as our unshakeable Quiz Master for the length of the program. The quiz will consist of 5 rounds according to the topics the contestants will be tested on; 1. English 2. Math 3. General knowledge 4. Science 5. The problem of the day- which could be a math or science question.

Owing to the odd number of teams we have, there will be a very necessary preliminary stage in order to allow four teams to qualify for the next stage. This preliminary stage will be different in terms of structure, timing and perhaps content. All five states therefore will compete this Saturday. After that, the structure of the rest of the competition will be fairly constant as will be communicated later on.

In summary, there will be 15 questions in each part except the problem of the day which is only one task for the given two teams at the time. Further rules of the game will be conveyed over on the whatsapp page to the contestants. The contestants should prepare heavily in all areas in order to be safe throughout the competition.

May the force be with you.

PS: Any further questions about the quiz can be directed to the whatsapp page and they will be resolved promptly.

Sheini Salman Chairman Editorial board.

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