Updated: Oct 1, 2018

The period of stay in Russia has been extended for foreign students until they complete their studies. The amendments have been made to the Federal Law On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation.

The new regulations concern all foreign students, including those enrolled in foundation or preparatory courses at a state educational institution. The amendments include on-site and off-site training under their main professional program with a state accreditation. Foreign students who transferred to a different school to continue their education will also be able to stay in Russia until they complete their studies.

Before and Now

The amendments to the federal law provide for a longer stay in Russia for foreign citizens who have completed a foundation or preparatory course and have been admitted by another educational institution. 

At the same time, the host’s duties are assigned to the educational institution that has admitted such foreign students. This means that it is the university that files an application to extend the temporary stay of a foreign citizen with the local office of the federal migration authority.

Before these amendments were made, the foreign citizens enrolled in foundation or preparatory courses had to leave Russia to get a new visa to continue their studies under a different-level program. Universities also had to issue new migration documents for the new course the student had enrolled in.

Student Benefits: Saved Time and Money

Rectors of various Russian universities, including participants of Project 5-100, as well as foreign students studying in Russia, have been petitioning for these amendments for a long time.

Pyotr Glybochko, rector of Sechenov University and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said these amendments were important and well-timed. “In the past, a foreign student enrolled in a preparatory course in Russia would have to get a visa where the stated reason for his or her stay in the country was “courses.” After completing the course, the student  had to go back home to get an invitation for another visa for “study,” and come here again to continue studying,” he said, adding that it created a lot of complications for students, including additional expenses. The rector believes that there will be no such problems now, and the number of foreign students at Russian universities will increase.

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