Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Good evening Fellows,

Concomitant costs and inconveniences of money transfer as we know has been a question for quite some time now, especially on the side of self sponsored students since huge school fees and funds for monthly upkeeps are sent with charges even up to 9% of total amounts sent.

Same inconveniences apply to colleagues who transfer money from Russia to Ghana for family support and micro/macro businesses.

We promised to assist students business and enrich/stabilize union funds in the best ways possible, which set us on the search for better means of money transfer.

Our search got us in touch with “Russian Express Money Transfer”, which we followed up with series of meetings while in Ghana for a mutual consensus as to how both parties could aid each other.

As it stands now, we have signed an annually renewable agreement with the aforementioned institution, which entails a 3% total charge on all transfers.

Also, NUGS Russia on the other divide is a shareholder of 20% (1/5) of all transfer charges according to the deal.

Hence, all those who intend to receive or send money to Ghana should get in touch with the union’s Financial Secretary, Mr. John Wesley Opoku (+79805532621) at any time.

Please get in touch through the above contact or through any National Executive Council member for more information and further clarifications.

NB: Transfers from Ghana can be done conveniently from the Mobile Money account of the sender and will come directly into the Sberbank account of the recipient here in Russia.

Same way monies can be transferred from individual accounts here in Russia into the mobile money or bank accounts in Ghana.

We encourage all members to patronize this avenue to their own benefits and to the benefit of the union.

Many thanks.

Bless Ronald Abiti Addo,

President-NUGS Russia.

NUGS Russia 2019/20

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