Greetings Everyone, In the quest to exhibit democratic rights and simultaneously putting our jurisprudence to test to ensure that all manner of persons are safe per law, it has been evident, that regardless of the strong and pragmatic individuals who constituent the systems, the current constitution is not accommodative of the politics we choose especially in this year’s election. However, it is my duty as President, together with all Executives, Appointees and Representatives both at the National and Regional levels to protect all members of the Union, at the same time ensuring the rule of law amidst democratic expressions at all times. It is therefore necessary to put a stop to all sort of uproars. Those who come on the page to post destructive materials, some who later come to say “it is just politics” should do well to put a stop to such behaviors to ensure harmonious living. Same as those who resort to threatening executives and appointees all in the name of politics should as well put a stop to it, because it is not all members who understand and can endure such politics or ways of doing things in our dispensation. All these factors have been taken into consideration to trigger an Executive Order as below, in a time of constitutional crisis where everything runs directly to the Presidency. Thank you. Bless Ronald Abiti Addo. President - NUGS Russia


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