Prez PP Dove speaks...

Warm greetings to you all ,once again the debate season is here with us and I am sure you all are feeling the excitement all around.

This years competition promises to be an exciting one .This debate is geared towards ensuring that our great continent is on the right developmental path and as such ,we as the youth making up 60% of the African population rising up with the positive ,mental attitude geared towards making sure that we achieve the respective SDGs set by our leaders.

One way we can do this is to have a level headed dialogue be it in the form of discussions or debate .

In this dispensation we the Africans in the Russian Federation have decided to take the latter form which is debating , with this years marking the 4th edition after its outdooring and renaming as the KWAME NKRUMAH INTERNATIONAL DEBATE COMPETITION.

Kwame Nkrumah happens to be one of the pioneers who fought for Africa in every aspect of life he found himself , we as the new generation are geared towards instilling that high level of pan Africanism in us geared towards the development our forefathers so lingered .

On behalf of the entire union we would like to officially declare KNIDC 2019 duly opened .

My executives would do everything within our might to ensure the great success of this debate competition.

We would like to thank as many people who have decided to sacrifice time to ensure the success of this great Pan African course . A special thanks goes to Lawrence Reed ,Jason Riddle and the entire staff of FEE for being our proud sponsors throughout the previous editions.

This years debate would have panel of judges professionals who are pan Africanists from US ,UK as well as from Russia .

We wish all participants the very best .


Long live Africa

Patrick P Dove



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