Women's Commission introduces the WOMEN’S TALK SHOW - “BECOMING”

As chronicled in our agendas to make louder female voices in this union, which is proportional to the quest of nurturing our ladies and building a stronger basis for the women empowerment revolution in view, our Women’s Commission, headed by Miss Oscaria Ama Gyedu (Medley Oscaria Thompson) in collaboration with the NEC, the Media Committee and Local Arms bring to you the Women’s Talk Show, dubbed - “BECOMING”.

The maiden edition of this awesome initiative comes off Today, the 22nd day of February, the year of Our Lord 2019 at exactly 19:00hours Moscow time on NASH Radio (https://player.fastcast4u.com/nashradio/) with;

•Miss Caroline Bonya (Caroline Bonya), General Secretary of NUGS Russia and Chief Coordinator for the 2019 KNIDC (hostess)

•Miss Gifty Aboagye, Menber of the National Editorial Committee (hostess)

-Miss Naa Sheddah (Naa Sheddah), Deputy Speaker of the Royal Senate, NUGS Russia (panelist)

-Miss Martha Cobbinah Addai (Martha Addai Cobbinah), Chairperson - Editorial Committee, NUGS Russia (panelist)

-Miss Priscilla Enam Fafa Agboado(Enam Fafa)- Winner, Miss Ghana Russia 2018 (panelist)

-Miss Beatrice Mensah (Beatrice Edith Mensah)- Member, Women’s Commission, NUGS Russia (panelist),

And the Guest Speaker;

Madam Penny Wangari-Jones (UK), “an Activist and Coordinator for the Racial Justice Network; a charity based in the North of England”,


With respect to the said, we call for an alacritous participation and promulgation (sharing) of the initiative to our very locals and across international borders, to achieve a mass education of our women populace.

Phone lines will be activated via Skype for idea sharing. Contributions can as well be made on any related NUGS Russia platform, and we’re sure to have a dialogue with you.

Thank You.

Signed: A. A. Bless Ronald Organizing Secretary NUGS Russia

Oscaria Ama Gyedu Women’s Commissioner NUGS Russia

Approved: NEC, Women’s Commission, Media Committee.

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