The Presidency






Judiciary Committee Secretary 2016/2017

Judiciary Committee Member 2015/2016

High School: Protocol Prefect 2012/13

Patrick J.A Puplampu-Dove is a young dynamic individual, a transformational leader and a visionary. Currently the President of NUGS Russia, he is the Chief Executive Officer, undertaking the highest level of direction of the Union, as well as the Union’s Chief Spokesperson. He leads a team of dedicated individuals tasked with executing the core mandate of NUGS Russia which includes the promotion of the overall welfare of Ghanaian students in Russia.
Since his election into office, he has maintained a strong executive body in charge of planning, facilitating and managing the activities of NUGS Russia.

Currently, he is in the process of creating a Scholarship and Stipends Committee that will attend to problems related to scholarships in Russia. He has also appointed members of the NUGS Courier Service who are in charge of rendering various services to students who live far from Moscow who, nonetheless, have to engage the Embassy and/or undertake various activities in Moscow.

As Vice President, he worked together with other members of the Executive Council to maintain good relations with key stakeholders of the Union, including the Ghana Embassy in Russia, and saw to the successful organization of the highly anticipated NUGS Russia debate and quiz competition as well as lobbied for the legalization of jobs for Ghanaian students in Russia. Together with the Media Committee, Patrick and his executives facilitated the creation of a website for the Union to help with the monitoring and updating of the database of Ghanaian students in Russia as well as solve the issue of students returning home after preparatory faculty. It was during his tenure as Vice President that the second edition of Miss Ghana Russia was successfully organized and it presented a substantial platform to showcase Ghana’s fashion, art and culture to a foreign community. As well, the NUGS radio station (Nash Radio) is very vibrant due to Patrick’s input and the work of an excellent and effective Media Committee.

Patrick is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery Degree (MBBS) at Volgograd State Medical University, Volgograd-Russia. He is the winner of the 2015/16 KNIDC Debate Competition organized by NUGS Russia and subsequently represented the Union at the Foundation for Economic Education seminar dubbed “The Growth and Bubbles and the Illusion of Prosperity” which took place in Fort Myers, Florida, USA. His hobbies include debating and watching football.